Glamour Wayne

It’s been said that Music is an Art, a talent that needs to be developed and expressed. According to Royton Knight otherwise known as “Glamour Wayne ”  and now recently “ The Musical Messiah” given to him by fans because of being the only Disc Jockey who is bold enough to  pray , do a scripture reading and play gospel music in the dance hall. Born and raised in The Maxfield Park Community in Kingston, Jamaica, was exposed to the dance hall scene from an early age.  He attended Kingston College and from there went to The College of Arts, Science & Technology now known as University of Technology. Being a Licensed Pharmacist, Wayne as friends called him,   would work in the day as a Pharmacist and at night as a Disc Jockey on then Afro Tone Disco. Wayne, would tell you that he took his work as a DJ just as serious as being Pharmacist,  if not more.  One day he was asked to make a choice either DJ or his career, so he did and never looked back.  As time went by He caught the eyes of “ Papa Gemini ” owner of Gemini Disco, while playing  on Star Point Sound.   At that time Genmini Sound ,  was struggling to regain it’s position in the dance hall amongst competing sounds such as;  Stone Love, Klassique Metro Media and Inner City ,  that when Wayne decided to join Gemini, friends asked if he was crazy, as many said that Gemini would never be able to make a comeback, but Wayne loving a challenge joined the sound. This was when he was asked to create a stage name, he first went with Super Wayne , which didn’t fly and then a female  fan commented on how well Wayne dressed always in a suit and tie , properly attired like a Glamour Boy. This was The birth of “ Glamour Wayne: The Selector  and the female population loved him.   

Glamour Wayne never knew that being a Disc Jockey would earn him a pay check as he only did it for fun, not for fame, or as he called it being a Ghetto superstar, not even for the girls. He genuinely had a deep love for music  and for the people. His high came from seeing people have enjoying themselves, having a good time and got a satisfaction when he saw how his playing music united people from all walks of life,  even enemies . It was while doing this, that he made his name in the dancehall and single handedly took Gemini Disco back on top, into the spotlight, where for four consecutive years Glamour Wayne won “ The Father Binns Award ”   for “Selector of the Year” competing against  Rory from Stone Love & Sky Juice fromMetro Media . In 1990 Gemini  Disco shared  The Award with Stone Love for the “ # 1 Sound System in Jamaica” ,  in addition to helping many Dance Hall Artist launch their careers,  such as “ Shabba Ranks , Ninja Man , Singing Melody,  Beenie Man,  Lady Saw  & Wayne Wonder”  just to name a few .  From there the sky was the limit for Glamour Wayne which lead him to travel the world, places like Africa , Germany and Japan .  Today Glamour Wayne is an Accomplished Disc Jockey and a Well Known Individual, which he credits God, Music and Education for doing so. When asked what legacy he would leave for upcoming DJs, who wishes for the success he has had in the industry? He will tell you “Music has always been a competitive mission, however, it is your job as the DJ to enhance the music and make it better, not  using it for the wrong purpose . You have to love the music over everything, remove all ulterior motives such as, the hype, fame, money and to achieve going on tours, rather give of yourself, and just enjoy the music”.

Written by Jordan Love / Tru Image Consulting 

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