Mical Rustle

South Florida based artist, Mical Rustle, is getting increasingly good response in and out of the area, especially in the ethnic communities of the US and the UK and in Jamaica itself.

Mical Rustle has been re-energized and is determined to step up the pace in his career as a singer, songwriter, producer and performer. One of his current single releases, “Like Wow”, seems destined to create an impact, with social commentary lyrics and strong vocal delivery on dancing rhythms that cannot be ignored.

Another current single release from him is “I Forgot To Be Your Lover” Both singles were videotaped along with a video interview by Earl Chin of the famed ‘Rockers’ TV show. Rustle said “Well for the past year I’ve been trying to put this album together; while actually I am still doing some work with Heavy Beat Records and the Joe Fraser label too. But for my self-produced album, I am currently doing some tracks with Jasfar Records and Dwayne from Code Red, and I have some tracks that Mafia and Fluxy put together for me. I’m trying to put an album together that’s going to be on my own label - Malik Records. I also have a tune called “Same Mistakes" that I am mixing, which I am trying to put out as soon as possible.

On stage Rustle is very comfortable; he has done an extensive number of shows in the South Florida region and has recently performed in New York, Washington and Philadelphia. Rustle explains, “I have done some shows in the past year but the most recent ones are the Curry Festival - that was with Mikey Spice and Byron Lee’s Dragonaires and I did the John T, 25th Anniversary Celebration. I always try to make the performance an enjoyment for the people who paid to come and see me. And I am looking forward to doing more shows. "

In 1992 he toured Japan as a vocal member of the Beres Hammond entourage. Interestingly, it was ten years before that in 1982 he started singing professionally, as the lead vocalist of the Solid Earth Showband in Jamaica. That same year they went to Canada on a Three month tour that lasted for three years, working throughout Canada, before returning to Jamaica. In 1988 Mical migrated to Florida to start his solo career, and has been moving it up ever since and has worked in the Bahamas and Jamaica. “All of my new releases are available in Jamaica and I know I’ll continue to get airplay on IRIE FM and the other radio stations.” When asked about his inspirations he replied, “from I was singing with the band, I try hard to sound as close as possible to any artist whose song I’m singing. I like listening to Beres Hammond and Luther Vandross. Reggae Music is growing bigger and bigger and is inspiring a lot of other singers and musicians, so I have to just continue my part as a Reggae Soldier.

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